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Conservation of forest and wildlife

  • The flora and fauna of a region are the part of nature. They maintain a balance in the food chain of nature.
  • Food chain is a sequence of transfer of energy from one organism to other. The food chain begins with autotrophs (producers) and ends with the consumption of the final energy by the heterotrophs (consumers).

  • Plants that produce food by the process of photosynthesis are the autotrophs. The energy produced by the food produced by plants is taken up by the herbivores (animals that eat plants and plant products, eg. Deer, goat, etc.). The energy is then taken up by the carnivores (animals that eat other animals, eg. Tiger, lion, etc.) and omnivores (animal that eat both plants and animals, eg. Bear, human beings, etc.).
  • In the absence of any one of these organisms the food chain will get disturbed and will affect rest of the organisms. Therefore it is necessary to take necessary initiatives to conserve the flora and fauna.
  • In order to protect the flora and fauna of a region some protected area have been set up. the protected areas include national parks, biosphere reserves, wildlife sanctuaries.
  • Any sort of heinious act against nature is prohibited here like killing an poaching of animals, feeling of trees. They don’t even allow grazing, plantation, cultivation, etc.

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