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Wildlife sanctuary

  • Wildlife sanctuaries are the regions where animals kept protected from any sort of disturbance to their habitat and their surroundings.
  • They are also aimed at providing suitable and comfortable living conditions to the animals. Killing, poaching or capturing of animals is strictly prohibited in these regions.
  • The sanctuaries in India have beautiful and unique landscapes, dense forests, bushes in the delta of big river and mountain forests to protect ythe animals in their natural habitat.

  • Animals like black buck, white eyed buck, elephant, golden cat, gharial, marsh crocodile, rhinoceros, python, etc. are some of the threatened animals are protected and conserved in the wildlife sanctuaries.

Wildlife Sanctuary


Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary


Chilika Lake Bird Sanctuary


Mudumalai Sanctuary

Tamil Nadu

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary


Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary


Govind Wildlife Sanctuary


Gir National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary



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