Class 8 Biology Conservation of Plants Animals Ways to conserve the biospshere

Ways to conserve the biospshere

A healthy biosphere is very important for the healthy sustenance of the living beings living in it. It is our moral duty to protect our environment, keep it healthy and clean and behave well with the other living organisms of the biosphere.

Every species in the biosphere is interdependent on one other. Therefore, extinction of any species can put the healthy living of the other species at stake.

Some of the major steps that must be taken by the human beings at the earliest are as follows:

1. Recycling of papers

  • Papers are made of paper pulp. Therefore, increased use of paper means increased demand for trees. This results in cutting of more number of trees which is not at all a healthy sign for the biosphere. Therefore, we should use papers economically.
  • We should recycle the used papers and use them again in order to reduce the cutting of trees.

 2. Reforestation

  • Another important initiative that must be taken as a responsible living being is to plant more and more trees. We already discussed the devastating consequences of deforestation. Therefore, keeping those consequences we should plant more and more trees and reduce the rate of deforestation.
  • Even if the deforested land is kept unused it can regenerate re-establish itself and turn into a forest once again.
  • If we take care of the nature, the nature will also take a good care of us. So love your surrounding and protect the nature.

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