Class 8 Biology Reaching the Age of Adolescence Changes in Puberty

Changes in Puberty

At the age of adolescence a human body undergoes several changes that marks the onset of puberty. At this age they become capable of reproduction.

During adolescence a human body undergoes following changes:

Increase in height

  • There is a sudden increase in height. Some of the children may grow at the age of puberty and then slow down but some of them may grow gradually. Genes inherited from parents, fooding habits influence the growth in children to a great extent.

Change in shape of body

  • During puberty the body of children undergoes several changes. In boys the shoulders grow broad, muscles grow more prominently.  In girls the region below the waist becomes wide.
  • Both boys and girls reach their maximum height at the age of 18 years.


Change in voice

  • Voice box grows as soon as the children reach the age of adolescence. Boys grow a larger voice box that appears as a bulging part of the throat. This is called Adam’s apple. As they reach adolescent their voice becomes hoarse.

  • Girls develop a small sized voice box that cannot be seen from outside.

Development of sex organs

  • As soon as children reaches the age of adolescence their reproductive parts developing completely. In boys testes and penis becomes completely developed. The testes become capable to produce sperms.
  • Similarly in girls the ovaries develop and mark the onset of maturation of eggs.

Increased activity of sweat and sebaceous glands

  • The activity of sweat and sebaceous glands increases at the onset of puberty. Children may even get pimples and acne due to increased activity of hormones and glands in the skin.

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