Class 8 Biology Reaching the Age of Adolescence Reproductive Health

Reproductive Health: Nutritional needs and physical exercise

As children reaches puberty their body undergoes several changes and transformations. The body undergoes through increased activity of hormones.

Therefore, it becomes necessary for the adolescents to intake a balanced diet.

Balanced diet is a meal that includes adequate amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals.

They should take pulses, fruits, vegetables, milk, iron-rich food, and other nutrient rich food in requisite proportions.


As taking adequate amount of nutritious food is necessary so as to perform physical exercises. Walking, running, playing outdoor games, exercise all helps children stay healthy and fit.

Reproductive Health: Personal hygiene

At the state of puberty, body of a child undergoes several physical changes, and hormonal secretions like sweat glands.

So it is necessary for them to maintain a good hygienic routine.

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