Class 8 Biology Reproduction in Animals Male reproductive organ

Male reproductive organ

The male reproductive system includes following parts:

  1. A pair of testes (Produce sperm and male hormone i.e. testosterone)
  2. Two sperm ducts
  3. Scrotum (Protects testes and maintains a temperature lower than body temperature)
  4. Epididymis (Stores sperms and helps in the passage of sperms)
  5. Vas deference (tube like structure that emerges from the lower part of epididymis and opens to the ejaculatory duct)
  6. Penis (muscular organ that discharge the sperms when stimulated)
  7. Male gametes called sperms (produced by testes)

The sperms are small sized and contain following parts:


  1. A head (contains the nucleus containing chromatin fibre. It contains enzymes used for penetrating the female egg).
  2. A middle segment (provide the energy for the flagellar movement of sperm)
  3. A tail (consists of only the 9+2 structure of the axoneme that contains many proteins and protein complexes required for the proper functioning of sperms)

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