Class 8 Biology Reproduction in Animals Process involved in Sexual reproduction

Process involved in Sexual reproduction

  • Every month eggs are released from the ovaries in a female reproductive system. This phenomenon is called ovulation.
  • The first step is the fusion of a sperm from male and an ovum from female. This is called fertilization.

Fig. Fertilization

  • During the fertilization the nucleus of a sperm and ovum fuse and forms a single nucleus that develops into a fertilized egg or zygote.


Fig. Zygote

Fig. Zygote formation and development of embryo from zygote

  • The zygote further undergoes repeated divisions and gives rise to ball of cells that form groups and develops into different tissues and organs of body. This structure is called embryo.

Fig. Repeated division of zygote to form embryo

It gets later gets embedded in the walls of uterus.

Fig. Developing Embryo

It develops the different body parts like hands, legs, eyes, ears, nose, etc. this phase of embryo when it has developed all its body parts is called foetus.

Fig. Foetus


Fig. A pregnant Woman

After complete development of embryo a new individual is born.

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