Class 8 Chemistry Combustion and Flame Ignition temperature

Ignition temperature

  • The lowest temperature at which a substance catches fire and undergoes combustion liberating heat and light is called ignition temperature.
  • In other words it is the minimum temperature at which a combustible substance such as air or gas, must be heated up prior to burning in the absence of any source of the heat. This temperature plays a key role in determining the safety criterions for low volatile products such as diesel oil, lubricating oil, and fuel oil.
  • We have already observed that matchstick gets ignited as soon as we strike it against the matchbox whereas it takes a lot of time to ignite a mosquito repellent.


  • Similarly kerosene oil does not catch fire on its own at room temperature but as soon as it is heated a little it catches fire. This is because they have different temperature at which they start burning when heat is provided to them.

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