Class 8 Chemistry Combustion and Flame Dark side of the burning fuel

Dark side of the burning fuel

Just like coin has a reverse side so as the use fossil fuels too. The excessive use of fossil fuels is a threat to the environment.

  • Use of coal and diesel releases Sulphur dioxide which is a foremost cause of acid rain which can lead to mass destruction of monuments made up of brickwork or marbles and can affect the crops as well due to acidification of soil.
  • Combustion of fuels also releases carbon-dioxide that is the main cause for the rise in the temperature of earth leading to global warming.
  • Use of carbon releasing fuels like wood, charcoal, coal, petroleum releases unburnt carbon particles into the atmosphere that puts the human health at stake. It causes several respiratory diseases in human beings.
  • Combustion of these fossil fuels also releases carbon monoxide that’s is another harmful, poisonous and suffocating gas that can even cause death if inhaled.

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