Class 8 Chemistry Synthetic Fibers and Plastics Biodegradable Vs Non-biodegradable materials

Biodegradable Vs Non-biodegradable materials

Materials that are organic and hence gets easily decomposed by microorganisms are termed as biodegradable wastes. Once decomposed they can be used as humus to increase the fertility of soil. This kind of materials include kitchen wastes, dead plants and animals, human excreta etc.


Fig. Biodegradable wastes- Potato peels (left) and dead plants (right)

Whereas the materials that are inorganic and hence cannot be decomposed by any means are termed as non-biodegradable wastes. They persist in the environment for a long time thereby polluting the environment. They cannot even be burnt as their burning releases a lot of hazardous gases in the environment causing air pollution. This kind of materials includes plastic, metals, glass etc.

Fig. Non-biodegradable wastes- plastics and glasses



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