Class 8 Chemistry Synthetic Fibers and Plastics Plastics


  • This is another polymer formulated from hydrocarbons available in natural materials like natural gas, oil, coal, minerals and plants in which units are either aligned in linear arrangement or in cross linked arrangement.
  • This is the absolute reason due to which many plastics begin with the keyword poly for instance, polystyrene, polypropylene and many more.
  • This fibre finds extensive use in the modern industry due to their resistance towards corrosion and chemicals, good durability, low-slung thermal and electrical conductivity, high ratio between strength and weight, availability in vivid colors, resistance to shock and water, inexpensive, low toxicity.
  • They are expansively used in making toys, suitcases, bags, cabinets, brush, chairs, disposable cups, tables, head liners, bottles, CD and cassette boxes, cutlery, electrical connectors, and many other innumerable stuffs.

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