Class 8 Physics Force and Pressure Force can change the state of motion.

A change in either speed of an object or direction of an object or both is described as a change in its state of motion. Force can change the state of motion of an object.

Let's consider the following sequence of events

  1. A cricket ball is initially at rest.
  2. The bowler picks it up and bowls it towards the batsman.
  3. The batsman hits it with the bat. Subsequently, any of the following events could happen
    1. The batsman hit the ball very hard such that it goes for flying in the air for a six.
    2. The batsman hits the ball such that it goes for a four along the ground.
    3. The batsman hits the ball and the bowler catches it.
    4. The batsman hits a defense shot such that it rolls on the ground for a short distance and stops.

Now from (1) to (2), the ball has changed its speed. Initially, the speed for 0 m/s (at rest) and then the bowler flings it. So, now it moves with a certain speed. When the batsman hits the ball, according to the force applied on the ball, the direction or speed or both change. Any one of the events (a),(b),(c),(d) occurs. When the strike is very hard and upwards, it goes for a six(3a). When the strike is reasonably hard and along the ground, it goes for a four (3b). When the bowler catches it (3c), the bowler has applied has applied a force on it to stop it. When the force of the batsman is very weak, the ball rolls on the ground and eventually stops.

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