Class 8 Physics Friction Methods to reduce friction

We mentioned above that undesirable friction should be reduced. Here are some of the ways to reduce Friction.

  • Lubricants
  • Wheels

Lubricants: In case of automobiles and machine-parts which tend to get screechy or ineffective over a period of time, we apply substances to make their surfaces smooth and thereby reduce friction. These are called lubricants.  You must have seen specific lubricants for automobile parts in petrol stations. Also, you must have noticed that we apply oil to screechy doors in our houses.

Wheels: We have seen luggage trolleys use wheels. It is easier to pull heavy loads with wheels  as against pulling/pushing them along the ground.

Try pulling or pushing a heavy weight object/ luggage without wheels on the ground and you will realise it would be much harder. This is because of the friction offered by the ground on the heavy load. This opposition to motion when a body moves over another surface  is called Sliding Friction. But with the wheel, it just rolls. This opposition to motion when a body rolls over another surface is called Rolling Friction. The Rolling Friction is less that Sliding Friction.

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