Class 8 Physics Some Natural Phenomena Experiment 1

In the previous section, we understood some basic characteristics of charges. Now, let us demonstrate and understand them using experiments.

Experiment 1: Comb and Pieces of Paper



  • Rub your hair with a comb.
  • Place it near small pieces of paper.


  • The pieces of paper are attracted towards the comb.


  • Earlier, the comb and the pieces of paper were neutral
  • When we rubbed the comb on our hair, the electrons were transfered from hair to the comb. Now the comb is charged negatively.
  • When the comb is brought near the pieces of paper, the electric field of the comb influences the paper and it gets polarised ie the positive charges move near the comb and the negative charges on the other side of the comb. And hence they attract each other.


  • Static charges are produced by the friction between two interacting bodies
  • They exert a force on each other - Unlike charges attract each other


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