Class 8 Physics Some Natural Phenomena Safety during lightning

Do's during lightning

  • Rush to a safe place. Generally, a lightning is preceded by thunder which serves as an alert to hide in closed buildings.
  • A house or a building or a car with closed windows and doors is a safe place to take shelter during a lightning.
  • If you don't find a place to hide, just squat on the ground or hide under shorter trees.


Don'ts during lightning

  • During a lightning, no open place is safe because for obvious reasons as explained above. There could be current discharge right over your head or body. You could be the medium of conduction for the charges. So avoid open fields & open terraces.
  • Open vehicles like a motorbike, scooter and also open cars is
  • Never stand under tall trees and tall buildings.
  • Don't carry umbrellas
  • Don't lie down on the ground
  • Avoid bathing during thunderstorms to avoid contact running water which can conduct electric charges.
  • Avoid contact with metal wires, telephone cords, electrical wires since these can conduct the charges.

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