Class 8 Physics Stars and the Solar System Constellations


  • A group of stars forming a recognisable shape is called a constellation
  • Constellations were devised during ancient times by people to help them recognise them. So, they gave them the shapes of familiar objects and people


Great Bear


  • Also called Ursa Major, Big Dipper, Saptarshi.
  • Generally seen during the early part of the summer.
  • It appears like a big ladle with seven prominent stars: 3 stars in the handle and 4 in the bowl.
  • This constellation appears to move from east to west

 Pole Star

  •  Pole star is located very close to Ursa Major
  • This star does not move at all.




  • It is also called Hunter.
  • It can been seen during winter in the evenings.
  • It is made up of 7 or 8 stars bright stars
  • The brightest star in the star, Sirius is located very close to this constellation.




  • It is visible during winter in the early part of the night.
  • It vaguely looks like a M or W.

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