Class 9 Biology Improvement Food Resources Improvement in Crop Yields

Improvement in Crop Yields

Different climatic conditions including temperature and photoperiods favour the growth of different crops.

This condition also ensures the completion of their life cycle.

Crops can be broadly categorized into three types:

  • The type of crops grown from the month of March to June is called Zayed crops.
  • The types of crops grown in rainy season from the month of June to October are called Kharif crops. For example, Paddy, soyabean, pigeon pea, maize, cotton, green gram and black gram.
  • The types of crops grown in winter season from the month of November to April are called Rabi crops.

For example, wheat, gram, peas, mustard, linseed.

In order to meet the growing demand of food with increasing population the improvement in crop yield is necessary. The practices involved in farming can be divided into three distinct stages.

  • Choice of seeds for planting.
  • Nurturing of the crop plants.
  • Protection of the growing andharvested crops from loss.

Activities involved in improvement of crop yield are as follows:

  • Crop variety improvement
  • Crop production improvement
  • Crop protection management.

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