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Manure & Fertilizers

Manure is prepared bythe decomposition of animal and plant

It helps to enrich the soil with essential nutrients and hence makes the soil fertile and rich in organic matter.

It helps to increase the water holdingcapacity in sandy soils and avoids water logging in clayey soils.

  • Compost: The material obtained after the decomposition of unused material like livestock excreta, vegetable peels, animal excreta, domestic waste, sewage waste, leftover food, etc. in pits is called compost which is rich in organic matter and nutrients. And the process of making compost is called composting.

  • Vermicompost: When compost is prepared by using earthworms in order to fasten the process of decomposing the plant and animal waste is called vermicompost. Again the process is called vermicomposting.
  • Green manure: Some plants like guar are first grown on the cultivating fields and then mulched by ploughing them into the soil before sowing the crop seeds in order to replenish the soil with essential like nitrogen and phosphorus. This manure is called green manure.

The advantages of using manure are that they are non-toxic and eco-friendly.

Fertilizers refer to the products produced commercially to replenish the soil with essential nutrients. The fertilizers enrich the soil with nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium and ensure proper vegetative growth of healthy But continuous use of fertilizers can destroy the fertility of soil as it harms the beneficial micro-organisms in the soil.

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