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Cattle husbandry

The act of raising cattle like cow, buffaloes and bullocks, goat, etc. to meet the requirement of adequate milk production is called cattle husbandry.

Cattle husbandry is performed to meet two purposes—

  • Dairy: to get milk.
  • Draught: The animals used to perform agricultural tasks like tilling, irrigation and carting.

Cattle husbandry focuses on following agendas:

  • Increasing the duration of lactation period of the cattle to ensure increased milk production.
  • Ensures proper hygiene and cleanliness for the cattle.

  •  Ensure proper ventilated shelter of the cattle to ensure healthy living and protect them rain, heat and cold.
  • They also need to take care of the health of the cattle to ensure production of clean milk.
  • It also breeding between the different cattle to get desired characteristics to ensure improvement in production. 


The food given to the diary animals are as follows:

  • Roughage containing high fibre. For example, green fodder, silage, hay and legumes.
  • Concentrates having low fibre buthigh levels of proteins and other nutrients. For example, oilseeds, oats, barley, gram.

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