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Poultry farming

The act of raising domestic fowls to ensure the production of adequate number of egg, chicken and meat is called poultry farming.

The cross-breeding programmes are performed between Indian and foreign breeds to develop new varieties having some required desirable characteristics.

Poultry farming takes care of following agendas:

  • To ensure well-illuminated and well-ventilated shelter for the fowls.

  • Ensure that the domestic fowls are kept under proper temperature andhygiene.
  • They get nutritious food.
  • Prevent the chances of poultry fowl suffering from a number ofdiseases caused by virus, bacteria, fungi,parasites and nutritionaldeficiencies.


The desirable characteristics are as follows:

  • Increased number of chicks.
  • Good quality chicken who are capable to tolerate high temperature.
  • To develop breeds with Low maintenance requirements.
  • Reduced size of the egg-layingbird with the ability to utilize morefibrous cheaper diets made out of agricultural by-products.
  • Broiler chickens are given vitamin-rich (vitamins A and K) food to ensure proper growth rate andbetter feed efficiency.

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