Class 9 Biology Why Do We Fall Ill How to prevent the spread of diseases

How to prevent the spread of diseases

Spread of diseases from an infected host to a healthy host can be prevented to a great extent if are aware of certain points and follow certain hygienic practices.

We can prevent airborne diseases by avoiding exposure to overcrowded areas, using masks to cover nose and mouth while going out.

We can prevent water borne diseases by making water free from germs by boiling them, using disinfectants like chlorine to kill the microbes in water, using proper water filtration equipments available in markets.

We can prevent vector borne diseases by preventing the growth of vectors in our surroundings. This can be done by keeping our surrounding clean, cleaning stagnant water (in potholes, coolers, pots, tyres or beakers), covering the drains and garbage bins, practising proper garbage disposal habits, etc.

Avoid using public toilets.

Avoid drinking water and food from unhygienic and dirty places.

Always wash hands thoroughly before eating food.

Avoid using others’ personal belongings.

Manitain proper hyigienic habits.

Avoid using the same syringe used to inject previous patients, blades or razors used to shave previous customers in salon.

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