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Naming atoms

Suppose there are ten students in your class but they do not have their names. Now if you want to call anyone of your friend. How would you call them without any specification that denotes them particularly????

At that time calling through their names makes it easier to call them. Similarly atoms too possess their specific names so that they can be denoted by their names. Initially Dalton used symbols to denote the elements. Using one symbol meant one atom of that element.

Symbols of some commonly known elements as anticipated by Dalton

The names of the elements were named in accordance with the place from where they were derived. For instance, copper was excavated from Cyprus.

Then later on Berzilius insisted of using the first single or the first two alphabets to denote the element. But now-a-days IUPAC (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry) assigns the names of the elements.

Symbols of atoms of different elements

  • There are 115 elements present on earth till now.
  • Symbols of elements are either the first letter or first two letters of the name of the elements.
  • First letter of the symbols is always capital. For instance, H for hydrogen, Al not AL for aluminum, Co for cobalt.
  • Some of the names involves the first letter of the element name and the letter that appears later in it. For instance, Cl for chlorine, Zn for zinc etc.
  • Some of the elements have their symbols derived from their names in latin or greek. For instance, Na (natrium) for sodium, Fe (Ferrous) for iron, K (kalium) for potassium.

Elements with modern symbols

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