Class 9 Chemistry Structure of The Atom Discovery of Neutron

Discovery of Neutron

  • James Chadwick in 1932 discovered the neutrons which are the neutral part found in the nucleus of an atom.


  • Atoms of all the elements contain neutrons except ordinary hydrogen atom which does not contain any neutron.
  • Symbol for neutron is “n”.
  • This subatomic part is not present in hydrogen atom.
  • Mass of a Neutron :-
    • The relative mass of neutron is 1u. The mass of neutron is equal to the mass of proton.
    • The absolute mass of neutron is 1.6 x 10-24
  • Charge of a Neutron:-
    • Neutron has no charge.
    • It is electrically neutral.
  • Atomic Mass of Carbon = Mass of 6 protons + Mass of 6 neutrons
    • = (6 x 1) + ( 6x 1)
    • = 12u

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