Class 9 Chemistry Structure of The Atom Thomson’s Model of The Atom

Thomson’s Model of The Atom

  • Thomson was the first scientist to prepare a model for the structure of an atom.
  • At that time only electrons and protons were discovered.
  • Thomson’s model of the atom is similar to that of Christmas pudding. The electrons are embedded in a sphere of positive charge are like currants (dry fruits) in a spherical Christmas pudding.
  • Thomson model can also be compared to a watermelon.
  • According to this model:-
  1. An atom consists of a sphere of positive charge with negatively charged electrons embedded in it.
  2. The positive and negative charges in atom are equal in magnitude due to which an atom is electrically neutral. It has no overall positive or negative charge.
  3. Thomson’s model explained the electrical neutrality but failed to explain the various experiments carried out by other scientists like Rutherford.


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