Class 9 Maths Polynomials Terms and Coefficient of Polynomial

Terms & Coefficient of Polynomial

Terms of polynomial: Each of p(x)=anxn, an–1 xn–1, ..., a0, with an ≠ 0, is called a term of the polynomial p(x). E.g. in p(x)=ax2 − 8x + 9 polynomial, ax ,− 8x   , 9  are terms of polynomials. Polynomial can have any finite number of terms. p(x)= x199 + 4x198 ……. + 2x +3

A polynomial of one term is called a monomial, two terms is called a binomial, & three terms is called a trinomial. E.g. p(x)=8x is monomial.  p(x)=9x3 + 3 is binomial   ,   p(x)=7x4 + 3x3 + 7 is trinomial

Coefficient of Polynomial: Each term of a polynomial has a coefficient. So, in p(x)=9x3 - 3x2 +8x – 2, the coefficient of x3 is 9, the coefficient of x2 is -3, the coefficient of x is 8 and –2 is the coefficient of x0.

Constant & Zero polynomial: 9 is also a polynomial. In fact, 4, –8, 32, etc. are examples of constant polynomials. The constant polynomial 0 is called the zero polynomial.

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