Class 9 Maths Statistics Bar Graph

Bar Graph


Bar graph is a pictorial representation of data in which usually bars of uniform width are drawn with equal spacing depicting the variable. The value of variable is shown in another axis & the height of the bar represents the value of the variable.


Data for Students born month wise of a class is given in table below. The same data is represented in Bar graph. Using the bar graph it is very easy to tell that Maximum students were born on April & minimum students were born on June & August.

Also, it shows number of students born on any month. Eg 3 students were born in Jan. Height of the bar depicts the value of the variable.

Variable in this case is Month & value of the variable is the number of students born in that month.

Note that the width& color of rectangle doesn’t have any meaning in bar graph.



Let us now see how a frequency distribution table for continuous class intervals can be represented graphically.


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