Class 9 Maths Statistics Application of Mean, Median & Mode

Application of Mean, Median & Mode

  1. Mean, median & mode shows different perspective of same data.
  2. Mean gives average of the data. All data is given equal importance. It is used in case where all data is important. E.g. Average salary of employees in an organization
  3. Median is used to find middle most data. It is used to determine a point from where 50% of data is more & 50% data is less. It is used where extreme cases can be ignored. E.g. To find the performance of a cricketer where his worst & best extreme performance can be ignored to give his consistent performance.
  4. Mode is used where we need to find the most frequent data. E.g. if we need to find the most favorite Subject of students in a given class, mode can be used.

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