Class 9 Physics Sound Speed of Sound

Speed of Sound

  • Speed of Sound : It is the distance which a point on a wave, travels in unit time.

The speed of sound depends on the following factors.

  • Medium: The speed of sound decreases as we go from solid to gaseous
  • Temperature : As temperature increases, the speed of sound increases. (The speed of sound in air is 331m/s at 0 degrees and 344m/s at 22 degrees)
  • Pressure of the medium


     We know that, Speed   =  Distance / Time

     We know that any point of the wave travels a distance λ in time T. So, we have

     v = λ/T  = λμ =   (Because μ = 1/ T )

Light travels faster than sound in air. Hence we see the lightning before we hear thunder.

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