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Changing tense

The tense is changed while conversion in following manner:

  • Present simple tense to Past simple
  • Present Continuous tense to Past continuous
  • Present Perfect tense to Pas perfect
  • Present Perfect Continuous to Past perfect continuous
  • Past simple to Past Perfect
  • Past Continuous to Past Perfect Continuous
  • Past Perfect to Past Perfect
  • Future simple, will to would
  • Future Continuous, will be to would be
  • Future Perfect, will have to would have.

For example,

Shan said, “I love to visit new places”. (Present simple)

Shan said that he loved to visit new places. (Past Simple).

Shan said, “I am having lunch”. (Present continuous)

Shan said that he was having lunch. (Past continuous)

He said, “Virat arrived on Tuesday”. (Simple Past)

He said that Virat had arrived on Tuesday. (Past Perfect)

Shan said, “I will be Paris on Sunday”. (Future)

Shan said that he would be in Paris on Sunday. (Present Conditional)

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