English Grammar Direct Indirect Speech Change in Time

Change in Time

The time in the sentences of direct speech is changed when converted from direct to indirect speech.

While converting a sentence from direct to indirect speech, time is changed in following ways:

  • Now – Then
  • Tomorrow – The next day
  • Today – That day
  • Yesterday – The previous day

For example,

She said, “I need to meet you now”. (Direct speech)

She said that she needed to meet me then. (Indirect speech)


Varun said, “I bought a new phone yesterday”. (Direct speech)

Varun said that he had bought a new phone the previous day. (Indirect speech)


Shruti said, “I am going to Delhi today”. (Direct speech)

Shruti told me that she was going to Delhi that day. (Indirect speech)


Ami said, “I am having exams tomorrow”. (Direct speech)

Ami said that she was having exams the next day. (Indirect speech)


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