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Neuter gender

Neuter Gender denotes something that is neither male nor female.

The neuter gender does not fall into the category of male or female. And hence these words do not have gender.

All Non-living things belong to this category.

For example, book has no gender. We cannot categorize it into male or female. Therefore, the word book is a Neuter Gender.

Other such examples of Neuter Gender are as follows:

  • Pen
  • Chair
  • Tree
  • Table
  • Car
  • School
  • Shoes
  • Notebooks
  • Buildings


But there are certain non-living things which are treated as persons.

The act of treating a non-living thing as a living thing and attributing living characteristics to them is called personification.

These non-living things are then treated as male or female.

For example,

  • The nature takes care of her children.
  • The moon is hiding her face behind the dense clouds.
  • The sun shines with his entire valor.

Words like sun, time, summer, winter, etc. are categorized as male.

Words like moon, peace, mercy, nature, earth, spring, autumn, etc. are categorized as female.


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