English Grammar Intro to Phrase and Clause Dependent Clause

Dependent Clause

Dependent Clause needs a subject and a verb to express a complete meaning and give out a complete sense.

For example,

  • While she was singing, the audience sang along to encourage her.


In this example, the part of the sentence-“While she was singing” has a subject and a predicate. So it’s a clause but it does not make a complete sense. The sentence does not tell us what happened while she was singing and hence depends on the rest of the part i.e. “the audience sand along to encourage her”. This is an example of dependent clause because it depends on rest of the part of a sentence to give out a clear meaning.

  • Supposing she danced very well at the party, I would like her to perform on stage.

  • I am not sure if she cycled.


  • It would be great if you can work on Sunday.

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