English Grammar Noun Proper Noun

Proper Noun

The name of particular person, place or thing.

The first alphabet of a proper noun is always capital.

For example, Shanaya, Taj Mahal, table, Chair, Umbrella, London Bridge, etc.

  • Chemistry is an interesting subject.

Here Chemistry is name of subject and thus is proper noun

  • Rama is going to visit Agra

In this example Rama &  Agra  are proper noun 

  • Dr Sinha is a professor at Delhi College

In this example Dr Sinha and Delhi College are proper noun. Note that Professor is not Proper Noun

  •  Piyu loves animals.

 In this example animalis poper noun but animal is not proper noun

  • We went to Juhu Beach this Sunday.


Here Juhu Beach and Sunday is proper noun


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