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Abstract Noun

The nouns that represents ideas, quality or state of something.

These do not exist physically but still we can feel their existence.

For example,

  • Strength, honesty, wisdom, etc represents quality.

  • Childhood, youth, old, poverty, etc. are state.

  • Love, hatred, etc. are all actions.

All of these examples represent some quality or state or ideas that cannot be seen or touched physically but can only be felt.

They can be framed from either common nouns or verbs or adjectives.

For example, a parent is a common noun because it represents all the mothers and fathers in common. The term parent can be used as parenthood which means the state of being a parent and the pursuing the responsibilities associated with it. The term parenthood is an abstract noun.

Again the word patriot represents a group of people who support their country and are always ready to fight for its welfare. This word when used as patriotism becomes a abstract noun which means the feelings of the patriots.

Now let us consider some examples of verbs turned into abstract nouns. Consider the word This word when used as sight becomes an abstract noun.

Similarly true is an adjective but when used as truth it becomes an abstract noun.

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