English Grammar Number Irregular Noun Plurals

Irregular Noun Plurals

There are some Nouns whose plurals are not written in usual way using the rules of regular Nouns. They are called Irregular nouns.

Irregular nouns change to their plurals by changing the vowels, word, or adding a different ending to the word.

Case I: Changing the vowel.  For example,


Woman  Women
Man Men

In the above examples, the vowel “a” is replaced by “e”.

Foot   Feet
Tooth Teeth
Write  Wrote


Case 2: There are some Nouns that do not follow any specific rule or pattern to get their plural.
For example,

Mouse  Mice
Louse   Lice
Goose Geese
Child   Children
Person   People
Radius     Radii
Fungus   Fungi
Cactus   Cacti
Nucleus    Nuclei
Datum    Data
Phenomenon   Phenomena


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