English Grammar Preposition Adverb vs Preposition

Adverb vs Preposition

Many a time same words are used as Prepositions and sometimes as Adverbs as well.



Words used as Adverbs do not contain objects and are used to modify a Verb, Adjective or an Adverb.

Word used as a Preposition involves a Noun or Pronoun as its object

Please come “in”. (In – Adverb; no object)

I have kept the shoes neatly “in” a cupboard. (In – Preposition; cupboard – object)

I have met her “before”. (Before – Adverb; no object)

She stood “before” me. (Before – Preposition; object – me)

Let’s move “on”. (On – Adverb; no object)

The dog is sitting “on” the table. (On – Preposition; object – the table)

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